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Datsun Sports Collectables
Other Factory Literature

These are some of the various books and magazines printed by Nissan that are relative to the Datsun Sports.

  Dealer Service and Repair Books
Service Data and Specifications books
1967, 1969 and 1970 issues shown
These little books contain absolutely EVERY specification of every Nissan/Datsun car from that year.

Flat Rate Schedule - 1961
The flat rate schedule books are printed by Nissan to provide the dealer's service departments with a guide to how long it takes to do various repairs to all different models.

Flat Rate Schedule - 1963
For the 1963 models.

Flat Rate Schedule - 1965
For the 1965 models.

Flat Rate Schedule - SP310
A flat rate schedule specifically for the 3 seater 1500.

Flat Rate Schedule - SR311
A flat rate schedule specifically for the 2000.

Collision Estimating Sheet - 1965-1970
for SP311 and SR311
A booklet to assist with making a quote to repair a Datsun Sports with smash damage. The book gives current prices (current back then) for panels and trim parts.
Nissan Annual Reports and Company Guides
Business Report - 1963
Contains balance sheets and financial information about Nissan in 1963.
Guide to the Nissan Motor Co. - 1964
This is a book printed by Nissan to show their products for 1964 and achievements in 1963. Has some great photos of the 1500 and also shows the factories and test tracks.

Guide to the Nissan Motor Co. - 1967
Guide to the Nissan Motor Co. - 1969
Great photos of the 2000.
Nissan Motorsports Books
Datsun Competition Department Parts List
A book that lists all the competition parts available for the Datsun Sports in 1969. Also includes technical information.
SR311 Sports Option Parts
A Japan only list of competition parts for the 2000 printed in 1969.
Nissan Competition Parts List
A list of factory race parts for the SP311 and SR311.
Datsun Competition Parts List
Circa 1975. A list of factory competition parts includinfg the SP311 and SR311.
Nissan Motorsports Parts List
This list is printed each year and contains a few pages of parts and information for the Datsun Sports.
Datsun Competition Preparation Manual
by Bob Sharp
Not actually a Nissan factory book, but a book complied by Datsun Sports racing legend Bob Sharp.
Nissan In-House Magazines and Newsletters
Nissan Graph
A magazine printed by Nissan showing nice colour photos of the current models.
My Car
Printed by Nissan Australia during the late 1980s and 1990s, it was mailed out to all new Nissan owners during their first 3 years of ownership. It is mostly a big blab about how good they think their plasticy new cars are, but it often has items about older (real) cars. It has run a nice article about a Silvia CSP311 and they were running a contest for a while looking for Australia's oldest Nissan.
(Had an article featuring my 1964 Cedric too)
Nissan Magazine
A Japanese magazine similar in concept to the English language Nissan Graph magazine.
Motor Topics
A newsletter sent out to all foreign Datsun dealers.
Datsun Dashes
A monthly newsletter sent out to all USA Datsun Dealers.