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About The DSOA

 The Datsun Sports Owners Assn. is a club dedicated to the preservation of these uniqueand special cars. It is a club solely for the owners of the Datsun Fairlady 1500, 1600 and 2000 Sports cars built between 1962 and 1970, and the original model Nissan Silvia coupes built between 1964 and 1968. The club has been operating for nearly twenty years, and in that time it has grown from it's humble start, with only a handfull of members, into a truely international club with members in every state of Australia plus members from all around the world.
As a member of the DSOA you will gain access to many hard to get and no longer available Datsun Sports parts. The club has many parts in its own stock, if we don't have the part chances are that we will know someone who does. The DSOA is also dedicated to reproducing parts that are no longer available. Club members receive discounts at many Nissan dealers when ordering parts for their Datsun Sports.
We print our own newsletter 'Sports Torque' bi-monthly, it contains sections with parts for sale, stories about members cars, technical articles, coming events and news, plus much more. Colour photos of our latest events are available on out Internet News website.
The club has many members with decades of experience owning, restoring and maintaining Datsun Sports, these members have a wealth of knowledge about these cars and are happy to help with technical advice. Through the club we can assist you with getting Historic Vehicle Registration in Queensland for your Datsun Sports.
The DSOA is also an active social group too. We have regular runs and outings including day runs, restaurant and cafe nights, observation runs, regular meetings, plus our Annual General Meeting, Motorsport activities, our Christmas Party and the annual Datsun Sports Nationals event.
If you are thinking of buying a Datsun Sports it is well worth joining the DSOA first as an associate member. We can help you find a car to buy and we can also offer advice about what to look for when buying a car.

Membership Fees for 2001 are A$35.00 per year for members in Australia and anywhere in the world. There is no joining fee. Click Here to find out how to join the Datsun Sports Owners Assn. Inc.

Non-Datsun Sports owners are are also welcome to join the DSOA as associate members. Associate members get all the benefits of being a regular member but do not have voting rights at meetings or the Annual General Meeting.

DSOA Contacts
Trevor Tilling - President
Geoff Tyson - Treasurer