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DSOA Members Cars

These are photographs of some of the fabulous cars owned by a few of the members of the Datsun Sports Owners Assn. Inc.
DSOA members can include a photo of their car for all to see, 
contact me to find out how.

Owned by Alan.
A 1966 SP311, painted in 2 pack Porsche Guards Red with a black interior. Engine is a H20 block fitted with an R series alloy head and all the original R series manifolds, carbs, alternator, etc. The car is original except for the SR311 grille, the wheels and the H20 engine.

Owned by Geoff
A lovingly restored 1968 SR311, it features a dark metallic red paint job, twin roll bars and wire wheels. Geoff walked away with a rather large trophy at the 1999 Datsun Sports Nationals.

Owned by Richard
A 1970 model SR311. Dark blue with minilite wheels.

Owned by Bruce
A customised 1964 SP310. Light blue metallic paint, interior features polished aluminium panels, grey painted floors and a silver dash. Is fitted with a Nissan FJ20 2 litre twin cam 16 valve engine. A winner in the 'Best Nissan Sports' catagory at the 2001 Maclean's Bridge car show.

Owned by Gordon
A 1966 SP311. Red with a black interior, the car has recently had a body off chassis restoration. Fitted with a Nissan H20 2 litre engine.

Owned by Alan
A 1965 CSP311. Has had a full body off chassis restoration (details of restoration at ). Painted Blue Mica metallic with a white interior. Winner of trophies in three catagories at the 1991 Mt. Tamborine Car Show and best in class at the 1992 and 1999 Datsun Sports Nationals.

Owned by Greg
A 1964 SP310. Has had a beautiful restoration and is one of the most original 1500s you will ever see. Minilite wheels.

Owned by Ken
Quite uncommon in Australia, a 1968 high screen 1600 SP311. Painted in a dark metallic green, and fitted with wire wheels.

Owned by Alan
This poor neglected little 1964 SP310 is currently being restored.