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Datsun Sports Links

 Links to other Datsun Sports websites around the world.
Tell us about any Datsun Sports websites that are not listed here.

Visit the Original DSOA Website
 Noel's Datsun Sports of Australia Page

DSOA Members Websites
 John G's 2000 Sports Restoration
 Alan B's Nissan Silvia Restoration

Datsun Sports Websites
 Nissan Silvia Homepage
 Early Datsun Homepage - Fairlady
 1967 Datsun 2000 Resource Page
 Brandon Lee's 1968 Datsun Sports
 DatRoad's Datsun Roadster Site
 Mikuni Tuning 40-44 PHH
 Datsun Sports
 Johann's Datsun Roadster Links
 Datsun Roadster
 Datsun Roadster Owners on the Internet
 DSCC "ZZZing" HomePage / The History of Fairlady
 1960 Schwinn Fairlady
 Classic Datsun Motor Sports

 Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp
(sort of Datsun Sports related, he does drive a 1600 Sports!)

Owner's and Entheusiasts Websites
1960 Datsun Fairlday SPL212
Thomas's Silvia in Sweden
Stretch's Roadster Page
 1962-1963 single carb SP310 Fairlady
 Calspeed's Classic Datsuns
Datsun 2000
 Datsun Roadster Racers
 Datsun Roadster Links
 Jay's Home Page
 Gordon's Garage - Low Screen SR311
 1964 SP310 Datsun Fairlady Roadster

Other Datsun Sports Clubs
Welcome to SROC Home Page
Silvia Club
  Classic Fairlady Roadster Register
United States
 SOCALROC-Southern California Datsun Roadster Owners Club
 NOWROC-North West Roadsters Owners Home Page
TDROC-Texas Datsun Roadster Owners Club
 WyCROC-Wyoming Colarado Datsun Roadster Owners Club
 Ohio Roadster Owners Club
 BADROC-Bay Distric Roadster Owners Club (San Fransisco)
Datsun Sports Owners NSW
Datsun Sports Roadster Club Inc.
Postal Address - P.O.Box 5031, Laburnum, Victoria, Australia. 3130.
Datsun Roadster Club of Western Australia
contact details coming soon
NDSOC Inc. (not a sports car only club)

Download Scans of Datsun Sports Manuals
and information
These first two links are to the same .pdf file, they are a copy of the SP311/SR311 parts catalog, publication No. C-034E. Unfortunately the images were taken from the microfiche version and not from the book version, as a result the quality is not great, particularly the actual part numbers, many of which are almost unreadable. But we can't complain, it's better than nothing.
Datsun SP/SR311 Parts Catalog PDF     Datsun Roadster Parts Catalog PDF

A scanned copy of the 1967 Datsun Sports Owners Handbook
 Datsun Sports Owners Manual 1967.5 SR311-SP311

A scanned copy of the 1968 Datsun Sports Owners Handbook
 Datsun Sports Owners Manual 1968 SR311-SP311

A scanned copy of the Bob Sharp Competition Manual
 Datsun Competition Preparation Manual PDF

Wiring Diagrams for 1962-1970 Datsun Sports
 Wiring Diagrams

For anyone with an FJ20 conversion, a scanned copy of the FJ20 Engine manual
FJ20 Engine Manual PDF

Datsun Sports Parts Specialists
Sports Imports - Datsun Roadster Parts
 Fairlady Products - Datsun Roadster Parts
Rallye Enterprises Datsun Roadster Parts
 Datsun Roadsters Parts Fairlady, 1500, 1600 & 2000
 Roadster Mart
 Datsun Roadsters
 Beaver Creek Datsun Restorations -240Z & roadster parts
 Nissan Auto Parts dot com - online Datsun parts
Nisstop Convertible Tops for Nissan/Datsun
 Scott's Old Rubber - Datsun Fairlady
Performance Fiberglass

Some Non-Sports Datsun Websites
 Planet Cedric
 Early Datsun Homepage
 The Short History of Nissan Motor Company
Datsun Owners Club UK
 510 Web Page and The Dime, Quarterly Online
 Cedric Gloria History
 Nissan Motorsports International
some guy who likes building models of Datsuns - Everything you wanna know about Nissan!
 fj20 's Home Page
 Nissan - Enjoy the ride.
 Nissan North America-milestones
 Toyota Museum-alphabetical listing (they have Datsuns too!)
 The Prince Skyline GT
 Photos of the Prince and Skyline Museum
 More Skyline museum photos
 Datsun/Nissan Resources!
 The Compass Gallery
 Datsun 1200 Photo Gallery
 The Unofficial Nissan Cedric Web Site!
 Ozdat Australian Datsun Classifieds
 Datsun 100A homepage
 Welcome to Mr. K's Home Page!
 Nissan homepage in Japan
 Nissan Italia: La Galleria (1960-1970)

Not Datsuns, but interesting !
Hino Contessa Club
 Japanese Microcar Page
 MicroMinicar_Mary, A source for info on Microcars and Minicars!
 Japanese Automobile History
'The Gallery' at

Online Bookshops, Sales Brochures and Models Etc.
 1/32 Passenger Car Kits Catalog
Japanese Fairlady Sales Brochure Reprints
 One Share of Stock Inc.: Own a Piece of your Favorite Company
 Automotive & Motorcycle: Vintage Books
 The Motor Web: Automotive, Motorsport, Motoring and Cars in Australia
 Marque Motor Books On Nissan
 Motor Book World
 International List of Scale Model Related Web Sites
 car motorcycle commercial vehicle bookshop
 Far East Auto Literature
 AutoKnow Automotive Literature & Collectibles Product Lists
 Auto Sales Literature
 The Digital Paper Car - dpc02_19